6-Year-Old Saves Classmate With Heimlich In Cafeteria

Bean saves Aniyah with the Heimlich
Beanie and Aniyah

It was quite an exciting day for six year old Elspeth “Beanie” Mar when she saved her choking friend Aniyah at lunch in the school cafeteria last week.

Both girls are first graders at Caroline Wenzel Elementary in Sacramento California. They are pictured to the right.

Schoolmate Anthony Roy Jr. first noticed that Aniyah was choking when he saw her panicking after swallowing an apple slice too quickly. Most of the kids at the table were shocked and panicked themselves, not knowing what to do with the exception of Beanie.

“They didn’t know what to do, but I knew what [to do],” Beanie was quoted as saying in an interview with the media.

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Beanie first saw the Heimlich being used to save someone on a TV show when she was younger. While the TV show didnt teach the bravery that Beanie showed, it did show her the basics of the skill, which she executed perfectly on Aniyah. One perfect use of the Heimlech dislodged the apple slice enabling Aniyah to breath again.

School principal Judy Montgomery was amazed to not only see a student use the Heimlich, but successfully and on the first attempt. “They say sometimes when you’re afraid the adrenaline kicks in and you have power you don’t know you have. She hit the sweet spot,” Judy told the media.

Beanie has quite a future ahead of her after showing such bravery in a tense situation. She joins the ranks of heroic first graders like Neveah Llantada who helped her mother deliver her baby at home after their cell phone ran out of battery. Read that story here.

A certificate was awarded by principal Judy Montgomery to Beanie, Anthony, and Aniyah to remember the event. Good work, kids. Thanks to Sacramento News 10 for the original story and the picture. Read and watch the News 10 report of the event here.


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