“Awesome” Students Rescue Woman from Lake

Olympic Park staircase (credit: Simon Sees)

Four brave students in Australia made the headlines this week for their role in a heroic rescue.

A few days ago at Olympic Park in Sydney, a class of students were on their way back from a field trip to the Royal Easter Show on their school bus. The class was returning from setting up an exhibit in the same park.

Two students, Tom Walmsley and Luke Hyde saw an accident happening as a station wagon in the opposite lane went off the road and down a staircase heading into Sydney Lake.

The students, aged 17-20 yelled to the bus driver to stop and turn around. Before that happened, Tom and Luke jumped out of the emergency exit with the bus still moving and ran full speed toward the water to help.

“I opened the emergency exit and we jumped out while the bus was still going. It wasn’t going super quick but it was a hard jump,” Tom explained.

Once near the water, Tom and Luke quickly dived in and swam about 30 feet toward the woman driver, alone in the sinking station wagon.

Reaching the passenger side of the car first, Tom forced the partially open window down by putting all his weight on it. Once he could see the female driver, Genaya Milkovic, he talked to her and eased her into calming her down.

Luke then arrived at the car with two other students, Cooper Judd and Blake Hawke. They helped get Genaya out of the car and to the shore. Seconds after the rescue, the car was completely submerged.

The paramedics took Genaya to Concord Hospital where she was found to be fully sober. The doctors determined Genaya suffered a “medical blackout.”

After the events, Genaya’s husband David told ABC, “I’d just like to thank the boys from the bottom of my heart .. They deserve bravery awards. They’re awesome, awesome fellas.”

Anauel_hebrewThese brave and “awesome” young men turned a bad situation into good news and are correctly being recognized as heroes for doing the right thing at the perfect time. The true cause of the accident is certainly spiritual in nature, as is the solution to it as our physical reality is a reflection of the spiritual one above.

For protection against accidents, pray for God to send His messenger Anauel. Angel Anauel also gives good health, heals the sick, helps us communicate easily, and gives us mastery of our emotions. This great subtle angel is industrious and active, helps us with logic and planning, and starts projects dedicated to God.

Anauel is a part of our higher divine nature that can make a very dangerous part of our lower animal nature behave. This lower nature demon can anger us, cause discord, try to get us out of our safe zone, and get us to ruin ourselves if not balanced by God’s presence in our lives.

Just saying the name of this demon is dangerous, so I’ve left it out of the article. If you research this lower force on your own, pray for protection from lower energies and don’t say its name out loud. The good angel Anauel’s name in Hebrew can be seen to the right and will help you.

This lower force which is inside all of us needs a job, and a good job for it would be causing discord and infighting in criminal organizations, banks, and corporations that are hurting humanity. Anauel can make it do that, but only if God wills it.

Anauel also governs trade, commerce, business, and banking. Anauel can be called by name and with Psalm 37:4; “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.”

Story sources: Anauel, Border Mail, ABC. Picture: Simon Sees.


  1. Thank you God for this good news. Look at this!! The 9th executive to leave JP Morgan Chase and work for a competitor due to infighting from multibillion dollar losses incurred from leaving their safezone:

    “Frank J. Bisignano, another senior executive at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is out, bringing the count of departing bankers to roughly nine, including Bruno Iksil, the trader who reportedly was chiefly responsible for the trade, and Ina Drew, head of the bank’s chief investment office in London.”

    Read the rest here: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-whales-wake-at-jp-morgan-2013-04-29

    Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. (!!!!)

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