Bitter Melon: Good News for Diabetics and Mankind

A picture of Bitter Melon which looks just like the human pancreas it helps so much.
A picture of Bitter Melon which looks just like the human pancreas it helps so much.

The wonderful but Bitter Melon has been scientifically proven to aide the pancreas, endocrine, and cellular systems in a variety of ways.

This great fruit has been used for centuries in Asia to help diabetics lower blood sugar levels. It is just becoming known in the western world as a practical protection against the invisible disease of diabetes. Every new scientific study of the fruit finds more great medicinal uses for it.

It was medically proven by the Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences that this fruit has blood sugar and obesity lowering effects. This study can be seen here.

A recent blog post on Diabetes Self Management covered the blood sugar lowering ability of the melon. It was so successful that the type 2 diabetic subject of the story stopped buying his “Metformin” medicine completely!

The subject’s fasting blood sugar level lowered from 200 on the big pharma medicine to 100 on God’s natural Bitter Melon. The “magic” melon did the job better and naturally with other additional health benefits.

Some of those other benefits were recently discovered by the University of Colorado. Their recent study found that the juice from Bitter Melon stops malicious cells from spreading by preventing glucose from reaching them. Basically, a component of the fruit enters the bloodstream and intelligently kills off cancer cells by starving them. The study concluded that the juice lowered the risk of these bad cells by 60 percent!

This good news came after a 2010 study which found that the melon prevents bad cells in the breast from spreading, and future good news as a plan to study the positive effect of Bitter Melon extract on skin of the head and neck just received funding.

While this “miracle” melon has numerous medicinal uses for mankind, it is indeed very bitter to the western medical systems stranglehold on diabetics, who are mostly slaves to the overpriced treatments for this invisible disease. The as yet undiscovered permanent solutions in store with Bitter Melon are certainly good news which can reach diabetics with your help in spreading this article.

Ripe Bitter Melon
Ripe Bitter Melon.

Next time you’re at your local grocery store, ask for them to start carrying this great fruit. If you want to try fresh Bitter Melon sooner, you’ll likely have to visit a local Asian grocery store between May and November. Its also called Bitter Gourd or Bitter Squash and is an acquired taste.

Diabetes is an enemy of mankind, and the eradication of this invisible threat will help humanity profoundly. I first discovered Bitter Melon with the help of the Angel Reiyel. Reiyel liberates and protects against visible and invisible enemies, gives virtue, confidence, and zeal for the spreading of truth, and detaches you from materialism in addition to many other great qualities.

“Reiyel” in Hebrew

Reiyel governs mystic feelings and sacred philosophy, and will do his best to destroy enemies of God. Reiyel is a part of our divine higher nature, and sets us free from evil, spells, and bewitchment. The demon formed from Reiyel’s shadow is the opposite of this high angel, and unfortunately this shadow has much of humanity bewitched with materialism through the love of it’s money.

This love of materialism at the expense of the health of others is rotting America and suppresses the desire of doctors to discover cures for invisible diseases like diabetes which generate billions in profits for them. The demon opposite of Reiyel gives invisibility, prophecy, and tells secrets. This vain part of our lower animal nature seduces us by laziness, gives us rationalized philosophies, and spreads dangerous ideologies.

This negative part of mankind can be controlled and used for good, but only with God’s help. Waiting on big pharma sponsored doctors for cures is lazy and a dangerous idea. God’s great angels like Reiyel and Raphael can show us how to develop cures for all the diseases and problems we face together as one.

Reiyel can be called by name, pronounced Rai – Yel, or with Psalm 9:11; “Sing praises to the Lord who reigns in Jerusalem. Tell the world about his unforgettable deeds.”

Story sources: Reiyel, Diabetes Self Management, and Numerous scientific studies. Pictures: Jonathan Charles, and Hafiz Issadeen.

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