Cleaner Finds $13,000, Returns it then Gives Away Reward Money

The path to ascension at the airport
Following the path to ascension at the airport

Patrick Morgan, a cleaner at Fort Lauderdale International Airport found some treasure on the job last week: a case with an iPad and an envelope containing $13,000 cash.

The lost treasure was found on a bench near one of the airport bars. “I opened it first, and I saw all the money, and I quickly closed it back up,” Patrick told NBC news.

Patrick then did the right thing and turned the items over to an officer at the Sheriffs substation at the airport.

When the owner later returned looking for it, Patrick directed him to where he had turned it in. After getting his lost treasure back, the owner gave Patrick a $60 reward.

Mark Klein, Patrick’s boss told the Miami Herald, “What [Patrick] did finding the money and turning it in is not the story … The story is what he did after.”

Choosing to double his karma, Patrick then gave the reward money to two people who needed it. First, $40 went to a bus pass for a woman named Laura without a permanent home that he sees in the airport everyday. The remaining $20 went to a coworker in need of it.

His coworkers at the airport recognized his honest act and incorruptible integrity by honoring him at a press event they put on last week. Patrick was awarded with a plaque and a $650 check from his proud employer Sunshine Cleaning Systems.

Patrick accepted the check, but he is going to use some of it to help out the same Laura he had given the bus pass to.

“It gives you goose bumps to know that you have employees and business partners who are so honest and have the integrity that he has,” Patrick’s boss Mark told the Miami Herald.

The deputy directory of the airport, Ismael Bonilla also spoke highly of him,  “He is an example that it’s always good to do the honorable thing … I’ve always thought we should have more people like him.”

If you think your life could use more honest people like Patrick Morgan, follow his example next time you’re facing a similar situation or have a strong temptation to do wrong. You may get more material wealth taking the low path, but following the ascending path at the cost of materialism will always lead to the real treasure.

Sources: NBC, Miami Herald. Picture adapted with permission.