Japanese Men Publicly Shout Their Love for Their Wives On ‘Aisai’ Day

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Japanese Heart Flag

Japan has been celebrating a lovely new holiday called “Aisai” or “Beloved Wife Day” on the 31st of January.

This time every year, lighted stages with microphones are assembled around Japan. A husband then goes up to the stage and shouts as loud as he can how much he loves his wife and how good she is.

According to Reuters, The shouts ranged from a simple “I’ll love you forever,” to the more detailed, “I’m sorry that I’ve gained weight over the last seven years, but that’s because the meals you cook are so delicious.”

Another happy husband sang a rhyme for his beloved wife while she applauded in the audience. Many of the happy husbands yelled at the top of their lungs to manifest the love of their wives.

Their voices are strong and clear. Many shout what they want, and what they want is love.

A man named Takeshi Todo got down on his knees on stage and offered his wife a bouquet of flowers after his profession of endearment. The wives in the audience loved it all and clapped enthusiastically.

Takeshi’s wife told Reuters, “He’s very fabulous and manly today. It just reminded me how macho he used to be – I’d forgotten that in the eight years we’ve been married. My heart pounded.”

Started five years ago to foster love, affection, and appreciation for married Japanese couples, this is the latest annual attempt to improve the emotionally reserved nature of the Japanese public. The happy holiday also encourages husbands to be home by 8 at night to spend the rest of the night with their loved spouses.

This awesome holiday should not be limited to Japan. If you agree, mark your calendars, write your congressmen, and most importantly: yell in public as loud as you can about how much you love your wife.

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Story sources: ABC News, Huffpost (has many great videos of the event), Reuters. Jeliel information from God and from Ucm. Picture of Japanese Heart Flag created from art by Fibonacci which has been modified with permission.