Man Buys All Clothes From Department Store For Local Charity

Man buys all the clothes from a closing Kmart and donates it to charity.Rankin Paynter from northern Kentucky bought all of the clothes from a local Kmart which was in the process of closing down and donated it all to charity.

He went to Kmart last week only to be told that the store was closing its doors permanently and if he wanted to buy any clothes, he’d have to buy the entire remaining stock of the store. So he did – all $200,000 worth.

“They said I could come back on Sunday night at 6 p.m. when the store closed, but I had to buy it all. So I did,” Rankin told

Rankin currently runs a successful jewelry store in another part of the city, but he wasnt always a success. Earlier in his life, he didn’t have winter clothes to wear. He decided that when he became successful he would always donate to charity. He knew how much he needed charity at the time, and wants to ensure that others in need have what they require.

The clothes took six hours to load into a truck and an entire day to unload to the nearby Clark County Community Service, or CCCS center. Quoting from their website, “CCCS has served as the primary source for aid to families in crisis in Winchester, Kentucky for over 32 years, providing food, clothing, shelter and utility assistance while encouraging them toward self-sufficiency.”

It was the largest donation ever received there. Judy Crowe from the CCCS was quoted by the media speaking about Rankin, “It’s always a blessing to get a donation that large. He’s been very generous; he knows what it’s like to need those things.”

Rankin has received several phone calls thanking him for his donation. “I know they appreciate it. It’s a good feeling,” he told TheDaily.

A well deserved good feeling for a good action. The great thing about charity and giving is that it will always come back to you if your intentions are good. I learned this first hand recently when I gave a $5 tip on an $8 lunch at a restaurant I go to often. When I went back the next day and ordered the same thing, it was inexplicably $5 cheaper!

When you think of money and resources as scarce and hard to come by it will be that way for you. If you think and know there is an immense abundance of resources then that will be the case instead. We can learn the right thing to do with the abundant resources from Rankin Paynter.

Read the original report of this story on TheDaily.


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  1. Beverly says:

    WOW! What an awesome, generous thing to do! Buying out the whole store’s clothing inventory to give to people in need. What an example for others to follow!!

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