Man Saves Lives by Wrestling Predator Away From Children

Shark Fin Picture Credit: Tom Burke aka Nothing of Flickr Marshallsea, a 63-year-old man from the UK had quite an adventure last weekend on his vacation in eastern Australia.

Paul was out enjoying the beautiful sunny beach on Sunshine Coast with his friends and family when an unexpected threat approached.

A 6 foot dusky whaler shark swam up to the shore and was sighted swimming near young children just a few feet out in the shallow water with their parents. The lifeguards sounded the alarm quickly as soon as the threat was noticed.

The lifeguards worked to get everyone ashore to safety, but Paul was having none of that and audaciously went against the crowd and straight toward the threat with an unnamed stranger at the first scream for help. Paul and the stranger then manhandled the shark and tried to get the beast away from the innocent children and youngsters.

The presence of such a predator in full view and so close to a large crowd is certainly proof Paul was right when he told the Australian media, “I think hes dying, I think theres something wrong with him.”

After getting the shark to knee-deep water, it turned on the ones helping it and tried to bite Paul. Luckily, Paul jumped back as the shark lunged and missed his leg by a fraction of an inch.

With the brave unnamed stranger, Paul successfully wrestled the beast, turned it around completely, and helped send it back to where it belongs: into the dark depths of the sea away from humans and children.

One of Paul’s neighbors told the Mirror, “His main thought would have been for the kids. He did well.”

A spokesman for the Queensland coastguard told the BBC, “We don’t recommend manhandling sharks but this gentleman did a great job.”

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Story sources: BBC, WalesOnline, MirrorYoutube. Picture: Tom BurkeLenore Edman