Man Uses Coupon Skills to Give 25x More Food to the Poor

Coupons Picture by SDC2027

Spending only $37.17, Rodney Osborne was able to give $975.06 worth of groceries and living essentials to local charities in Ohio. Rodney is an expert couponer and knows all of the tricks to get an exceedingly large bang for his buck.

His method is to collect coupons from at least 10 different Sunday newspapers and to go to various grocery stores only when there are sales or double coupon days.

His $37.17 run took place over a few days with everything falling into place for the local community to benefit with several huge deliveries of food. While this method could be abused, Rodney is showing us the perfect way to use it: Feeding the hungry!

Charities that benefited from Rodneys good will include: People in Need Inc, Friends Who Share, Common Ground Free Store, and local churches.

His intentions are to donate to charity while teaching those with little money to stretch it further. He hopes its a trend that will catch on.

Rodney told, “Twenty dollars can turn into hundreds of dollars. Everyone needs to take advantage of this. These sales and coupons will always be there.”

These methods were learned by Rodney the hard way when he and his wife were out of work in the past. Now that he is doing well financially, hes helping others with his acquired skills. “This is a great way to help those around you in need and it’s a great way to build our community,” Rodney told “We didn’t always receive help when we had a need, but I want to make sure others receive help.”

Rodney feels that those dependent on charities and food banks for food wouldn’t need to be dependent if they used his methods. He recommends watching out for grocery store sales, always using coupons, and to organize your effort. is also recommended by Rodney.

These methods will multiply charitable donations, so its highly recommended to use them. This will enable you to help multiple families instead of just one family. Great advice!

When was the last time you donated to a local charity or food bank? Now is a great time to do so – you can find a list of local food banks in your city here:

Sources: This Week Community News. Picture: SDC2027.

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