New Methods in Hydrogen Production and Storage Advance Mankind

h2_angel_inventionTwo teams of engineers have made new scientific discoveries that will radically enhance the world’s energy production and storage standards.

The first discovery was made by a team at Virginia Tech under Percival Zhang, an associate professor of biological engineering. Zhang has developed an enzyme that turns any plant into a high output energy source.

Announced last month, Zhang’s incredible enzyme is biologically engineered from a few different microorganisms and feeds off of one of the most simple sugars in plants called xylose. When plants are combined with the enzyme and a polyphosphate, it creates hydrogen by releasing the energy stored in the xylose which is then used to split water molecules. As water molecules are two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, the energy frees the hydrogen atoms.

This means that you will be able to turn your lawn clippings into hydrogen to power your home and your car! Not just lawn clippings, but also agricultural waste, food waste, leaves, and basically any other plant or weed that grows. Xylose makes up almost 30% of many plant cell walls, and the efficiency of the hydrogen production using Zhang’s method is over 100 percent!

Zhang told Virginia Tech, “Our new process could help end our dependence on fossil fuels.” He continued, “Hydrogen is one of the most important biofuels of the future.”

For green energy, it doesn’t get any better than hydrogen as the only byproduct is water steam. The exact procedure for making the enzyme can be read in a scientific journal here. The team has said it is very cheap to make and is derived from thirteen different microorganisms that thrive at high temperatures.

The mixture of these thirteen different parts is combined into a cocktail and is at least 3x more efficient than other existing methods at producing high quality hydrogen that is fit for fuel cells. Non bio-engineering methods of hydrogen production involve extracting it from natural gas. This is a waste as that gas is in high demand and is useful for many other purposes.

Zhang was quoted as saying, “It really doesn’t make sense to use non-renewable natural resources to produce hydrogen. We think this discovery is a game-changer in the world of alternative energy.”

A game-changer indeed, and one that will finally give us a good use for Monsanto crops: breaking them down into hydrogen. Using hydrogen for powering houses and neighborhoods will be great using Zhang’s enzyme, but for automobiles, planes, and ships, there is another challenge: hydrogen storage.

Some of the current methods for storing hydrogen waste a lot of energy to supercool it to change it from gas into liquid. A new solution is needed for storage, and the next bit of good news is that a solution was found last month! Dr. Valeska Ting, a materials scientist at the University of Bath has recently told the world about an amazing “solid state” storage method for hydrogen gas.

Dr Valeska Ting won a recent engineering competition for her research. Picture from
Dr Valeska Ting won a recent engineering competition for her hydrogen research. Picture from

She was also recently awarded with a gold medal in an engineering competition for her amazing work, and an additional medal for winning the competition overall.

Dr. Ting is part of a team researching the storage of hydrogen atoms inside of high surface area nano materials similar to activated charcoal dust. There was a breakthrough last month of the same scale as Professor Zhang’s enzyme when It was found that storing hydrogen in this “solid state” can super compress the gas molecules into the powder. This means easy storage and transportation, one of the biggest hurdles for hydrogen acceptance.

The small amount of powder on the left holds as much hydrogen as the large beaker to the right can hold. Picture from Backstage Science.
The small amount of powder on the left holds as much hydrogen as the large beaker to the right can hold. Pictures from Backstage Science.

The hydrogen is absorbed like a sponge into the powdered material, and the absorption rate multiplies under high pressure and lower temperature. The walls of the nanomaterial work to pack the hydrogen almost to its limit. After testing the material it was determined that the hydrogen can be so concentrated that it was as dense as solid hydrogen, which usually only forms at -434 degrees Fahrenheit. There are several similar materials being studied by Dr. Ting such as metal organic frameworks with chromium and indium (which are better than charcoal) as well as plans to make new and even better nano materials for the hydrogen storage task.

Having new methods besides batteries at storing energy will multiply the usefulness of other power generation methods such as solar and wind power so that what is produced is not wasted and can be used without wind or in the dark.

Hydrogen storage is essential for breaking reliance on the centralized power grids of energy cartels that control our energy. The Rockefeller families Standard Oil cartel was splintered into several different corporations by the supreme court in in 1909 for the way it ruthlessly ran its monopoly. Its still there, but under several different names like Exxon Mobile, and Chevron for example. This cartel thinks it can fleece us at any moment by artificially limiting oil refinery output to limit supply and thus increase prices.

Several thousand gallons of the black Rockefeller family treasure can be seen flowing all over Mayflower, Arkansas today. While the National Safety Council awards those responsible for the oil spill with an environmental safety medal, the awakening masses are starting to realize its almost prime time for putting this evil back into the deep subterranean hell it came from and making sure it stays there.

The soon-to-be obsolete energy oiligarchs will fight against decentralized power and electric grid independence, but they will lose as their system is as bankrupt as their insolvent banks.

These two inventions by Dr. Ting and Assistant Professor Zhang are showing us the right path for powering our homes, cars, and businesses in a much safer and independent way.

The hydrogen powered GreenGT H2. Picture from
The hydrogen powered GreenGT H2. Picture from TopGear

For creating and proving the worth of innovations in the transportation industry, race car environments are a perfect platform. Bringing in hydrogen race cars and race leagues will certainly help innovate further, and this is going to happen soon at the 24 hour race of Le Mans in France.

The innovative hydrogen powered GreenGT H2 will compete against gasoline powered cars at the Circuit de la Sarthe on June 22nd. The car develops 540 horsepower and an amazing 2,950 lb/ft of torque from two hydrogen engines with a top speed of 186 mph. The GreenGT H2 uses two 350 bar hydrogen tanks on both sides of the car as Dr. Ting’s storage method was not yet discovered when the car was designed. It certainly looks the part and can be seen to the right and in this tech promo video.

The gasoline powered Team Audi is unfortunately continuing to use their Rockenfeller driver this year at Le Mans, even after he strew car parts and oil all over and polluted the whole thing for everyone else in the race. Seeing the GreenGT H2 competing will be fun to watch, even if it is the first year for the car. The team behind it are veterans, having raced in Le Mans since the 90s.

Solutions for the energy needs of mankind are best found within, and not miles below where it can leak out and destroy everything in its path.

You can help bring solutions to the Current Paradigm by praying for God to enter the equation. Every problem the world faces comes from the lack of God, and the black oil industry is seriously lacking. The oil industry is spiritually sourced from the demon formed by the shadow of the good angel Reiyel who was covered in our previous good news article. Reiyel can lead you to high summits to show you the scope of the problem.

Hariel_hebrewFor divine help finding the new methods and discoveries that mankind needs, pray for God to send the great angel Hariel. Hariel dominates science and arts, procures great insight and discernment, and helps us come up with useful inventions. Hariel is the 15th part of our higher nature and controls our lower demon that carries a standard, makes friends with warlords, starts wars, and knows future events regarding warfare. The warfare that plagues oil rich nations is no coincidence, and with Hariel’s help, the Standard for Oil can be transmuted and the need for these wars can end.

Hariel liberates from all forms of addictions (such as oil dependence), helps purify in many ways such as morally and environmentally (like oil spills), and helps you against the ungodly (such as the controllers of the oil industry) and defeatists (such as oil industry supporters that belittle solutions like hydrogen that will help mankind).

Only with God’s help will the bright light of invention illuminate our minds and herald solutions to the oily darkness that we’re all submerged in. Hariel can be called by name and with psalm 128:4; “Yes indeed, the man who fears the LORD will be blessed in this way.”

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  1. Omael says:

    AWESOME ARTICLE! Not only is it informative and educational, it gives one so much hope for the very near future. I am so proud of these young, brilliant minds discovering real solutions to the mess we are in presently. Thank you for bringing forth this information and explaining it in a way that is understandable.

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