Nurse Rescued by Same Person She Saved Years Ago

fireman_angelThis miraculous rescue story needs to be told again.

Several years ago when Kevin Stephan was only 10 years old, he was hit by a teammate by accident at his younger brother’s sports game. The hit caused him to collapse near the stands. One of the parents that saw the accident was a nurse named Penny Brown. She ran to Kevin and used her skills to successfully revive him and get his heart pumping once again.

Penny told NBC, “I started CPR on him and he came back.”

It was miraculous not only because she helped save his life, but she was scheduled to be at work at the hospital that evening and was only given the night off at the last minute!

Kevin survived and became a junior firefighter at the Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Association. He was also an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. He had all the makings of being a hero himself at only 17 years old when this story took place.

In 2006 at a restaurant in Depew, New York, Penny and Kevin met each other again in an incredibly profound coincidence.

While Penny was eating at the Hillview Restaurant, she got part of the food she was eating caught in her throat and wasn’t able to breathe. Customers in the restaurant around her called for someone to help. Employees knew that there was a volunteer firefighter eating there and they quickly asked him help. What they didn’t know was that this volunteer firefighter was the 10-year-old boy that Penny had saved herself 14 years ago, Kevin Stephan!

After being called over, Kevin went over to Penny and in an act of divine karma, saved her life by giving her the Heimlich. “They knew I was a volunteer firefighter and they called me over and I did the Heimlich, and I guess you could say I saved Mrs. Brown,” Kevin told NBC.

Talking with each other in the restaurant after everything settled down, they both reflected how extraordinary and unbelievable the coincidental events turned out.

“It’s almost unbelievable,” Kevin told NBC.

The fact that Penny was supposed to be at work the night she resuscitated Kevin is less coincidence and more of a miracle with this divine rescue story. There are much more to coincidences than meet the five senses, and they are often the unintended manifestations of our thoughts into the physical world.

The true philosophical meaning of coincidence is a mystery, but this particular one is not. This dual, divine rescue story has the signature of a higher, greater power at work in both of their lives. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, ask God for help and witness His saving power in your life firsthand.

Story sources: NBC, Boy Scout Trail Picture sourced from: Patrick HoeslyTrini FiyahYoungsgfx