Stranger Gives Random People $1,000 To Use For Good

Millionaire gives away $1,000 per day to strangers. Picture source Good.isAn anonymous millionaire has started an experiment – One to try to make the world a better place. He recently had a large amount of money come into his life, so much that he won’t have to worry about it again, more than he’ll ever need. His mind is in the right place – Instead of spending it on materialistic things, he’s paying it forward and giving it to strangers every day: $1,000 to those in the United States and £1,000 to those in England.

His technique is funny, he gives them a card which has this message on the front: “You Are Lucky. You have been personally selected to participate in our exciting new project. £1,000 is yours, to spend on something good.” He signs the card with “X” prefering to remain anonymous. He gives them a smile and lets them know that there are no conditions or obligations – he just wants them to use it for good.

A website for the project is linked on the card: He has pictures of just about everyone he has given money to for the project. Quoting from the site, My Anonymous tells us that giving away the money every day is harder than it sounds,

Trust me. Some days the opportunity just didn’t arise and on other occasions I’d end up giving away 5 or 6 grand in the space of a few hours. I’d constantly worry about how to approach a potential recipient and what his or her response might be. Would I come across as sanctimonious or maybe just mad?

He practiced on his family members to work his confidence up – they happily obliged as he gave them real cash in his attempts. It came to him naturally soon after.

At first he was planning on using the cash to take a flight into outer space with Virgin Atlantic, but after taking the advice of his friends and colleges, he made the right decision to pay it forward and help his fellow man. Each person he pays will certainly help others with it, creating a huge circle of charity and good will. Lets hope more millionaires follow this example.


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  1. Lena Haskins says:

    I already sent in a comment and a little somthing about my life I realy do think that the man who is helping people out is and has God in his life. I myself think that people that thinks that they are better than poor people ,does not know that God looks at all of us in the same way.And All the money in the world will not get you in heaven.If your heart isn.t right lord have mercy on your soul.One day I was downtown and I saw a barefooted white man standinding and it was a lot of people laughing at himfor what reason I do not know.But instead of them laughing they should have been asking him if he needed any help.And for me being a black woman myself,I love everybody.For now I have to go with love always.

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