Teen’s Bright Invention Preserves Livelihoods and Saves Animals

Richard Turere near his families cattle
Richard Turere near his families cattle.

Richard Turere is a fourteen-year-old from the Maasai clan in south Kenya and is making headlines with his new invention.

Living with his family in Nairobi national park, the beauty of nature is seen in nearly every direction. Where Richard lives, many exotic wild animals roam free and its his responsibility to herd the cattle, goats, and sheep owned by his family and keep them safe from predators. Wild lions are known to cause trouble in the dark of night and hunt the animals fenced in on his father’s land.

Attacks on cattle were becoming frequent and it was considered bad news when lions were seen. It was futile to hide their prized farm animals, as the lions can easily sense their secret location. Many methods to ward off the beasts were tried, like torches and scarecrows for example, but the intelligent lions still took their prey any time they wanted during the night.

To stop the attacks, lion hunts were organized by the locals which are considered harmful by many. The region thrives on tourists visiting to see the lions and other beautiful animals, so a peaceful solution was needed.

Fourteen-year-old Richard explained that he noticed the lions would never strike at dark if there was someone walking around with a flashlight.

With moving light being the discovered weakness of these misbehaving lions, the illuminating light of invention lit up in Richard’s mind and he got to work engineering the solution into the material world.

The bright idea was this: LEDs from broken flashlights were fastened to the fence surrounding the good farm animals. The lights were connected to an old motorcycle blinker component which was then wired into a central switch in his bedroom. Richard engineered the system to cause the lights to blink in sequence. The electricity comes from a car battery charged by a solar panel.

The components only cost around $10 and it works by fooling the lions and other predators into thinking theres a human walking around with a flashlight. As Richard told Ted.com, “The lights flash and trick the lions that I’m walking around the cowshed when I’m sleeping in my bed.”

Lion Lights
Lion Lights

This mechanical invention, now called “Lion Lights” are being applauded by much of the world for its amazing success. The previously troublesome beasts started behaving and left the Turere family alone when the bright lights of protection were shining in the darkest hours.

Many in the Maasai tribe and others all over Kenya are now using the Lion Lights to get predators to behave. Its use will save the livelihood of many humans, and the lives of thousands of animals, lions included. Richard was awarded with a scholarship tothe best school in his country where he hopes to earn a degree in engineering. Just last week, Richard was invited to give a talk at TED which can be viewed below the story.

When asked during the Ted talk where Richard learned his electronic skills, he said perfectly and humbly, “I think this knowledge came from God, because no one taught me. I didn’t have any books.”

Mahasiah_hebrewTo help bring a protective light into your life that controls our easily misbehaving lower animal nature, God’s messenger Mahasiah is the answer. Angel Mahasiah is part of our divine, higher nature that controls our lower demon who teaches engineering and handicrafts, causes and cures harmful and abnormal conditions in society, and can change the form of how a person appears.

The tribe name in this story, Maasai is very similar to the name Mahasiah which is more than a coincidence. Another coincidence is that the lower demon that the good angel Mahasiah can make behave actually appears as a lion. Working or even researching sources of our lower nature without God’s protective light can easily lead to a similar fate as the creatures of this story before they had their protective light.

Some of God’s amazing qualities through his messenger Mahasiah are to help all live in peace (such as lions and humans in this story), rectification of something bad (sometimes before it materializes), easy learning (such as Richard’s electronics skills), joining a school of initiation (such as with Richard’s scholarship to college), and decoding everyday signs amongst many other things. Mahasiah can be called by name or with the illuminating Psalm 80:19, “Turn us again to yourself, O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies. Make your face shine down upon us. Only then will we be saved.”

Story sources: God, Paula Kahumbu’s original story on Friends of Nairobi National Park, Paula Kahumbu’s latest article on Richard, CNN, and UCM.ca. Pictures courtesy of Paula Kahumbu. View Richard’s TED talk here:

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